Feline February-Week 1

All right, folks-Feline February has begun!
I am accepting photos of people’s cats on my Facebook page. Every day, I number the photos I’ve received then choose one using a random number generator. Then I paint that cat.

Day 1-Chartreuse
Ellie and Peanut

Ellie and Peanut for web.jpg

Peanut was born with polydactylism, which is an anomaly which causes cats (and other animals or people) to be born with more than the usual number of fingers or toes. Extra toe beans to love! I made the pattern a stylized cat paw with 6 radiating toe pads and a dot below for the dew claw. 

This year, the creator of Month of Color, Este MacLeod, grouped our colors in threes. The first three colors are chartreuse, Heather, and Kingfisher. Or in simpler terms, bright yellow green, dusty purple, and vivid blue green. We can paint one color within a painting a day or mix them all together. I’m going to mix the first three together in the first three paintings. This is actually a digital painting done in Procreate on my iPad.

Sewing Cat for web.jpg

Day 2- Heather 

Today’s special cat is Amy. Her owner is a Sewing Wizard, so I like to imagine Amy embroidering bluebirds.

Annabeth's Cat for web.jpg

Day 3-Kingfisher
My friend AnnaBeth has a barn cat who is very talkative.

Day 4-Marshmallow for web.jpg

Day 4-Marshmallow (dusty pink)
Meet Blueberry, of House Kinyak.

Gwen's Cat for web.jpg

Day 5-Sap Green
Loving means squeezing.
This cat lives with Gwen, former veterinarian and all-around-fascinating person. Life doesn’t get much better for a cat than livin’ the high life at Gwen’s place.

Hot Pink for web.jpg

Day 6-Hot Pink
My friend‘s cat died last night, so I chose to do a portrait of him instead of drawing a name today. 
Mimi (it’s a boy) lived to be 18 and died peacefully in his sleep.