Glitterville is TWO!

Glitterville is TWO! I can't believe baby is so grown up. *sniff*

I started Glitterville 2 years ago today. I can't believe it's been that long already! Here is the very first time I drew the characters. This was for a project where I decided to do a "faux magazine article" about a dumpy little unicorn getting a makeover. I really liked the rude narwhal in the trashcan and couldn't quit thinking about her. :) #TBT

Unicorn Poster for print.jpg

I thought it would be fun to look back at the very first few comic strips of Glitterville. They've changed, haven't they? I always think it's interesting to look at older versions of Peanuts and Garfield and see how the characters have evolved. I often wonder why the artists chose to make changes. For me, it was ease of drawing the characters in consistent poses. And certain changes in the stylization of the faces and bodies allows me to hopefully give them more expressions and movement.
Want more Glitterville trivia?
I started drawing the comic in May 2017 as a piece-of-art-each-day-of-the-month project. To make it even more challenging, I made each day related to the alphabet. (Day 1-anniversary, Day 2-blabbermouth, or BLUBBERmouth as my friend Alesha said, Day 3-Clean 30, etc.)

Glitterville 9.jpg
Glitterville May 10 FINAL.jpg
Glitterville May 11 FINAL.jpg
Glitterville May 12 FINAL.jpg

Texas Cartoonists Party 2019

We had our yearly Texas Cartoonists shindig this past weekend. It's so fun to get to talk with other comic-obsessed people! What a nice group of folks. I wish I’d thought to get a group photo. Maybe next year.
Thanks to Hector and Linda Cantu for being great hosts.


I found another female comic artist-yay! This is the fabulous Eliamaria, creator of Elia in a Box, and founder of “Women in Wonder Con”. Catch the event coming up in Dallas on March 9th. Here’s a link to the event page.


Oooooh, look….fancy cartoonists! They don’t bite or anything. What a relief.
Kit Lively works for MAD Magazine, and Hector Cantu is the co-creator of Baldo. You can join him at Bishop Arts Theater Center for “Hector Cantu: An Afternoon with Baldo and Friends”, a community conversation on creating characters of color and culture in popular entertainment.
Bill Hinds couldn’t just stop with one. He’s the genius behind Tank McNamara, Cleats, and Buzz Beamer.
Pssst…..I think he might be an overachiever. And he’s really tall.


Hector Rodriguez is the founder of Rio Bravo Comics, and creator of the award-winning El Peso Hero series. And a bunch of other stuff. I don’t think he sleeps.
Paul Anderson (joined in the photo by his wife Dorothy) is the syndicated cartoonist currently creating Marmaduke. Paul’s father Brad created the strip, and Paul took over when his father passed away. I never got the chance to meet Brad Anderson, but I wish I had.


It was nice to meet Andy Hirsch. He does tons of work-Science Comics books, creator of the graphic novel Varmints, and contributor to Garfield and Adventure Time. David DeGrand (isn’t that a great name?) writes and draws for MAD, SpongeBob Comics, the Simpsons, and tons of other stuff. His work always catches me off guard and makes me laugh. I’m impressed with how versatile these guys are!


Mark Stokes is the creator of Zombie Boy Comics. (I’m honored to be in an upcoming documentary with Mark about Texas Cartoonists, a project of Texas Cartoonist member and filmmaker Clay Sisk.) Andy Broome is a cartoonist and a collecting/trading card expert.


Steve Sicula is the creator of the comic strip Home and Away. Julie (wife of Kit) is sporting a most excellent shirt. Rob Chambers writes and draws Meatshield, a fantasy comic strip.


Dick Collier has a long career that stretches from writing for the Dallas morning news to editorial cartoonist for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. And a bit more Bill, because why not?
There are many other artists in the group too, but that’s all for now!
Visit the Texas Cartoonists website any time to learn more about the group, hire an artist, or book a speaker for your next event.

St. Jude's Walk/Run in Dallas

We had a rainy day for the St. Jude Walk/Run in Dallas. The celebration and t-shirt pickup continued at the American Airlines Center, but the actual walk/run was cancelled due to flooding. 
I worked in the Kids Zone sharing Glitterville Comic coloring pages and representing the Texas Cartoonists. Did anybody see us live on WFAA Channel 8 this morning? It was nice to color with new friends today, and help support the kids and families at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Hope to see you next year!

St Jude finish with kids.JPG
St Judes coloring.JPG
St Jude beginning.jpg
St Judes cuties.JPG
St Jude coloring.JPG
St Judes Am Air Center.jpg
St Jude Laura.JPG
St Jude finish.JPG