Glitterville is TWO!

Glitterville is TWO! I can't believe baby is so grown up. *sniff*

I started Glitterville 2 years ago today. I can't believe it's been that long already! Here is the very first time I drew the characters. This was for a project where I decided to do a "faux magazine article" about a dumpy little unicorn getting a makeover. I really liked the rude narwhal in the trashcan and couldn't quit thinking about her. :) #TBT

Unicorn Poster for print.jpg

I thought it would be fun to look back at the very first few comic strips of Glitterville. They've changed, haven't they? I always think it's interesting to look at older versions of Peanuts and Garfield and see how the characters have evolved. I often wonder why the artists chose to make changes. For me, it was ease of drawing the characters in consistent poses. And certain changes in the stylization of the faces and bodies allows me to hopefully give them more expressions and movement.
Want more Glitterville trivia?
I started drawing the comic in May 2017 as a piece-of-art-each-day-of-the-month project. To make it even more challenging, I made each day related to the alphabet. (Day 1-anniversary, Day 2-blabbermouth, or BLUBBERmouth as my friend Alesha said, Day 3-Clean 30, etc.)

Glitterville 9.jpg
Glitterville May 10 FINAL.jpg
Glitterville May 11 FINAL.jpg
Glitterville May 12 FINAL.jpg

Jingle Bells word game

How many words can you make? There is a black-and-white white printable in the comments. 
This is my first attempt on my iPad Pro. Do you think it's similar or different to my usual work? I usually work in pen and ink, then color digitally. This entire thing was drawn on the iPad. I feel really slow right now, but I hope this will eventually help me speed up my process.
#DrawinDecember - Day 14